Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ways to Show Multiplication and Division

Did I ever mention that I despise the multiplication symbol x!?  I would like to start a movement to ban it forever(I even change any multiplication x on posters hanging in my room to either the dot or parentheses!)  I think that when students first learn about multiplication they should be introduced to the dot, not the x.  The problem is in my classroom, x is a variable NOT a multiplication symbol.  It takes weeks months to finally get all 105 of my students to stop using the x.  (Phasing out the dot is another story...)

Another issue I find it that my students don't know all the ways to show multiplication and division.  The multiplication dot and the typical division symbol (the line and two dots) are rarely never used in Algebra.  In the past, I would have my students copy the ways to show multiplication and division into their notes.  This year, I am having them create a small but colorful foldable on construction paper in hopes that it will help them remember better.  It's the third lesson for my 7th graders.  Here is a picture of page 5:

Page 6 will be some practice problems on evaluating expressions.

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  1. Totally agree with you Katie! I am teaching 6th grade this year (after being 8th grade/Algebra for 8yrs) and it is such a struggle--those darn elementary teachers, totally Just Kidding there. Another movement to start is killing of the r for remainder. Just have the kids use fractions from the start. Ughhh! Good luck, TheDoughGirl