Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day Activities

My students come in tomorrow for their first day.  I should be getting ready for bed...not writing a blog post!  I'm very tired after a day of meetings and finishing up my classroom.  But, I wanted to share what I decided to do as a quick opening activity tomorrow.  Each student in my homeroom will have to tell me 1 thing about their self.  What they tell me will depend on what they roll using the dice on my Smartboard.

The large die on the bottom is an interactive one.  Students will come up to the Smartboard, roll the die (by tapping it), and then share something depending on what they rolled.  You can get the Notebook file in my stores: TpT or TN.  It is a short activity, but I only have an hour with my homeroom tomorrow and I have to give out and explain a lot of forms.  I also need to assign lockers in that time.  I found this cute worksheet for them to fill out if we have any free time tomorrow or when I'm collecting all of the forms on Thursday.

I think it's very cute and simple enough.  I like the idea of having them trace their hand on the back and then see if it grew in June.  You can download the worksheet here.

Hope you all have/had a great first day with your students!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Made 4 Math Monday #6

It's the last Made 4 Math Monday of the summer!

I'm planning and hoping to keep up with this once school starts...we shall see!  This week's is a simple foldable about the types of slope.
I plan on having students draw a picture of each type of slope onto a small piece of graph paper.  They will glue the correct picture under each flap.  They will also find the actual slope of each line.  You can get this foldable at either of my stores: TpT or TN.

Hope you are all having a great Labor Day!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Math Word Wall

My PDP (Professional Development Plan) requires that I have a Math Word Wall.  When this requirement first came about, I made a word wall using sentence strips.  It took a long time to create and when I sent them to my Processing Center to get laminated, only about 75% of the words made it back to me.  I was mad!

The next year, while shopping in Lakeshore, I came across this:

I decided that it was worth the $20.00 investment and bought them.  While you can use them on the rings as flashcards, I turned the cards into my Word Wall.  I love the colors and how the words are divided into categories.  Yes, some of the words are a little juvenile for my students, and there are some words that I wish were included.  But, for the most part, it covers all the basics and works for me.

I didn't hang up the Math Symbols cards this year because I already have several posters in my room with the symbols on them.  The cards fit perfectly onto a curved wall that I have in my room.  Don't they look great?

School starts Tuesday for me; kids come on Wednesday.  My room is pretty much ready to go!  I'll share final pictures soon!