Thursday, July 26, 2012

Properties of Math

My second lesson this year with my 7th graders is about the properties of addition and multiplication.  I was so thrilled when I found these foldables.  (And, they're free!)  They are perfect for the notebook!  I decided to include one for addition and one for multiplication.  They are on page 3 of the notebook.

Page 4 will be for application of the properties. has a movie for the associative property, the commutative property, and the distributive property.  (They have other activities and information about them all as well.)

These are the first two foldables I will be using with my new 7th graders.  I honestly do not think that they have ever used a foldable before.  I can't wait to start with them!


  1. Nice explanation this is really awesome and I appreciate your concern about this ideas. I will also follow this rules to get better knowledge.

  2. Thank you for the tips! I teach 5th grade, they will be very useful!

  3. Thanks for the foldable! Can you tell me exactly what the definitions are that you wrote on the inside? I'm having a tough time keeping them short and sweet.

  4. AWESOME!!! Thanks for the share!