Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stocking Up for September

I stopped by Target today with the intention of just getting batteries and athletic socks (even though I'm sure I already have a hundred pairs, every time I look for them, they are nowhere to be found!  I actually wore a pair of my husband's to the gym today!)  Anyway, I digress...

When I was in the store, I stopped by the "Dollar Bins" and was pleasantly surprised!  Since I decided to use interactive notebooks this year, I realized that my students would need constant access to scissors, glue sticks, highlighters, and markers.  While I do have a "Supply Center" set up in my class already, the idea of having every kid stop at the center to both borrow and return items every single day was quite overwhelming.

I did have a plan in my head.  On the side of every desk in my classroom is a small vertical bar that is perfect for hanging something.  I decided that I needed to find some sort of hanging container for each desk.  And, I found exactly what I was looking for at Target this afternoon!  Voila!

They are perfect!  I can easily fit small scissors, a glue stick, some highlighters and whatever else is needed each day.  And, they are also really cute.  I love the black and white designs!  Best part is that they were only $1.00 each!  I got 28 containers for just $28.00!  Amazing!

I also picked up 8 letter trays.  Four of them are wooden and very "cool" colors.  I plan on using one for each of my classes.  Everyday when my students walk in, they will check their class' tray for any handouts that need to be added to their notebooks that day.

The other four are plastic and a bit larger.  I think they will be fantastic holders for center activities each week!

Each letter tray was $2.50, so I spent a total of $20.00 on them all.  Well worth it in my opinion!  (I many even go back for some more tomorrow!)

If you have a Target near you, I recommend getting there ASAP!


  1. Like I mentioned previously, I have a lot of issues to work out with my interactive notebooks - but supply organization isn't one of them! :) My dad hooked me up with a very cool tool for organizing necessary supplies. You'll have to check my supply caddies! :)


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    1. I saw your desk caddies and loved them! My students are seated in groups though; they are in pairs. I am definitely sharing your caddies with my sister though. She teaches Kindergarten. I think they would be perfect for her class!

  2. I've decided that I MUST make a trip to Target before school starts! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I bought 5 of those plastic trays in July for my classroom and I have regretted not buying twice as many ever since!