Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Little Bit About Interactive Notebooks

I am very excited about the new adventure I'll be starting with my classes this school year.  I have not used interactive notebooks in my math classes before, but think they will be incredibly useful and beneficial for my students.

If you are unfamiliar with interactive notebooks, here are five fast facts about them:
  1. Interactive notebooks are an effective teaching strategy because they turn student notebooks into meaningful and personalized records of learning.
  2. Interactive notebooks can be used in all subject areas and in a variety of grade levels.
  3. They help with the development of students' organizational skills.
  4. Interactive notebooks rovide an opportunity for students to express their understanding creatively in a kinesthetic learning environment.
  5. They are a great device for storing students' foldables.
I really think that using interactive notebooks with my students will increase their productivity in class and will keep them more organized.  I also believe that they will be so much more engaged.  I have already begun making my copy of the 7th Grade Interactive Notebook.  While it is a lot of work, it will definitely be worth it in the end!


  1. I'm starting to do this also this year with my 5th graders. I'm excited to see your insights!

  2. I am doing these as well for the first time with my 6th grade math scholars. Can't wait to see what they evolve into!

  3. I'm about to start a new job where ISN are encouraged, and I figured hey why not jump in with both feet? New job, new state, new note taking strategy! Browsing through your blog has been super helpful. Thanks! :D