Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Little Bit About Foldables

I started using foldables in my math classes this past school year.  My students really loved making them and definitely used them more than their notes.  I loved using them as well because they streamlined the important information from a lesson into a colorful, three-dimensional handout.

In case you have questions, here are five fast facts about foldables:
  1. Foldables are a different way of organizing information.
  2. They are created from all types of paper goods, are cut up and folded in different ways to present different information, and normally have flaps that fold and can be lifted to reveal information.  
  3. Foldables are three-dimensional, interactive graphic organizers.
  4. They encourage student ownership of study material and help students focus on and remember key points without being distracted by other print.
  5. Best of all, foldables can be used in all subject areas and grade levels.
My only issue this past year with foldables was that some students lost them during the year.  My solution to that is the interactive notebook.  From now on, the foldables will be glued right into their interactive notebooks.  Problem solved!

There are some great foldable resources out there that I will be sharing soon!

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  1. I am a junior faculty member in an 8th grade classroom completing my senior year student teaching! I really love all of the activities and structure of your class! My question is how do you go about introducing and implementing foldables in your classroom. I really want to try this with my class becasue I think it will help them to take more ownership in what they are learning, but I'm not sure how to facilitate this with a class who has never really done anything like this before. Any suggestions?