Monday, August 5, 2013

Managing Late Assignments

Besides not having homework, some of my students struggle with handing major assignments in on time.  I have a strict 10 points off per day policy (which I wish would prevent lateness better!), yet still, some kids just can't seem to get their acts together.  I usually keep a post-it on my desk with the list of students who are late, but it really isn't the best system.

So, I created a form to keep myself more organized when collecting late projects.  I also hope it will give the student more accountability, since he or she will have to fill it out and sign it.  I plan on stapling the form to the actually assignment once it's finally handed in.  This way, there is no confusion on how many points off the student will get (and no arguing the deduction either, from the student OR the parents!).

Here's my form:

If you like it, you can get a general version in my TpT store or my TN store.

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  1. My slips say "Lame Excuse" at the top and I have the student write in their own handwriting what their reason (or lame excuse!) is for not having the assignment when they are supposed to. It is always a help when a student tries to tell a parent I am wrong, then I email or show them the slip, which I put on bright green paper. I have had parents tell me they love the idea and find the title amusing! :-)