Monday, August 19, 2013

2013 RedditGifts Teacher Exchange!

It's back!!  It's back!!

I've been waiting and hoping and praying that RedditGifts would do their Teacher Exchange again this year.  And they finally posted about it today!  I posted about it last year, but after the signup deadline (sorry!).  It really is a wonderful program.  Basically, you signup with RedditGifts.  You then create a wishlist (I use for mine).  You post a little about yourself, your school, and your link to your wishlist.  Eventually, you get matched with a donor.  In a few weeks, you'll receive a package with some of the supplies you wished for!  It's such a great idea, and people are so generous to help us teachers out.  It really puts a smile on my face!

Check it out here.


  1. Thank you for posting. I have never heard of this.

    Signed up and ready!

    Hodges Herald

    1. You are welcome. I hope you get some goodies!