Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to My Classroom!

After traveling all over the last week, I finally made it back to my classroom today to set up!  Again, I was greeted by a lot of boxes (mostly thanks to the new Algebra books we are using this year).

I was a little sad because someone put a box on my construction paper holder (which is only made out of cardboard).

I turned it upside down though and put books in it to straighten it back out.  I think it will survive!

After going through all the boxes of books and supplies, I tackled my posters.  I'm so excited to say that in my 9 years, today was the fastest I have ever hung my posters!  Using Velcro dots last year really paid off!  Nothing fell at all during the school year and rehanging everything was a breeze this year.  I totally recommend using Velcro to hang stuff!  (I just wish it didn't take me 8 years to figure it out!)

Seriously, all of the dots you see in my pictures like this:

Turned to this in a matter of minutes:

If you do go with Velcro, make sure you number or label your posters and toppers when you take them down.  Take pictures too so you remember exactly where everything goes.

I also set up my desks today and hung containers for glue sticks and scissors on each one.  I'm headed back tomorrow to organize some more and hopefully make copies for the first day next week.  How is everyone else's setup going?


  1. Would you mind posting a picture of your student desks and the containers for the glue sticks and scissors you use? My colleagues and I last year hung pouches from each student desk for our students'classroom materials (calculator, dry erase board, dry erase markers, rulers, etc), but they only lasted the year (they were a dollar each) and we are trying to figure out a more sustainable system for this year and beyond. Thanks!

    1. Sure, I'll take photos on Tuesday and post them. I got them at Target last summer, also for $1. I also have Seat Sacks.

  2. Why didn't I think of Velcro? Nineteen years later, and I still use a glue gun or tape.....