Sunday, August 18, 2013

Combining Like Terms Dice Activity

Last summer, I wrote about all the things I intended to do with my students to help them learn how to combine like terms.  While the concept at first can be difficulty for many (especially when there are positive AND negative terms involved!), all of the activities I created and found really seemed to help.  One of the activities was my Combining Like Terms Dice Activity.  Basically, each student got a pair of dice.  Each die had 6 like terms on it.  Students rolled the dice twice and recorded their results in the blank boxes on the worksheet.  I then had them highlight like terms in the same color.

After they highlighted, they wrote a simplified expression (aka they combined the like terms) on the line next to the boxes.  They then repeated the process three more times.

The last step was to combine the first two simplified expressions and the last two..

If your students are struggling, you could also do this activity with just one like term (instead of two).  This year I plan on creating more like term dice so that negatives are involved in the activity.  If you like the activity, you can get it at my TpT store or my TN store!


  1. Great idea!! Did you make these die? If so, please share how!

    1. I did make them. I bought blank dice and used Sharpie to write in the like terms on each. You can get the blank dice here: