Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Feeling So Overwhelmed!

I am so overwhelmed right now, but in a good way!  No, scratch that, a great way!  Remember my post in the middle of August about the RedditGifts Teacher Exchange??  Well, I received my gift recently.  Nope, scratch that, I received my gifts recently.  So many gifts I couldn't even believe it!  My "Santa" was so amazingly generous, I am in shock!  I hope that some of you participated in the program too; it really is wonderful!  Here's my story...

When my "Santa" and I were matched, I immediately received a message from him saying: "I got you everything on your Amazon wishlist that was shipped from Amazon. The only things I didn't include were those items that came from another vendor. My Mom's a high school teacher in Texas. You should be proud of what you're doing. Enjoy the school supplies!"

I could not believe my eyes!  My list was pretty extensive.  I was expecting just a couple of items from it, not every single thing that shipped from Amazon!!  But, sure enough, I started to receive box after box in the mail.  Everyday was like Christmas!!

I received so many essentials, including scissors for the kids, markers, Post-it notes, Post-it flags and tabs, binder dividers, highlighters, dry erase markers, and lead for pencils. I also received 6 packages of colored paper, which will help so much with my students' interactive notebooking! He also sent 3 different storage items for my classroom (including a colorful one on wheels which I am super excited about!!). Finally, I received 8 boxes of tissues, which should definitely last us through cold and flu season.  You can also read about my experience here.

Here's everything I got:

Isn't it amazing?!  Thank you so much to my Reddit "Santa"!  I am utterly grateful (and my students will be too)!  I wish I knew your Reddit user name to publicly thank you!!

My husband also participated in the gift exchange as a Santa.  He was matched with a music teacher and sent her lots of great music posters to decorate her room as well as tissues.  (He couldn't believe both she and I asked for them!  I told him there are never enough tissues in a classroom!)  I hope she was as happy with her gifts as I am!


  1. Wow, you were blessed with a very generous "Santa!" It's truly amazing how many things classrooms need and how small a budget most teachers work with to provide those items for their students. When you posted your initial article, I signed up and I heard from my "Santa" earlier this week. I feel so overwhelmed to know that people across the country want to support students and teachers they've never even met! Thanks for posting about this project and sharing your amazing story.

  2. Wow! That is really awesome! I wish we could do more of this. Many of our teacher friends in other districts have so little to work with that it's embarrassing.