Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First Day

My students started today (I started yesterday) and boy I am exhausted!  My students have half.days the first 3 days, so I didn't get to see my classes for long.  I was with my homeroom for half of the day giving out what seemed literally like a billion forms (can't wait to collect them all tomorrow!).  I only got to meet with my math classes for 28 minutes each.  I went over my student contract with them and gave out their workbooks.  I'm only seeing them for tomorrow and Friday for the same amount of time too.  I hope to collect their contracts and give them their textbooks tomorrow.

I pretty much finished my room yesterday.  There are a few posters that I would still like to hang up.  I need to figure out where though.  Here's what my room looks like from my desk:

And here is what it looks like from my podium in the front:

(Ignore all of the boxes in the front.  They are my new books that I need to give out.)

After stumbling across this post via Pinterest, I decided to implement my own "Great Supply Challenge" this year.  I'm hoping it will help keep the supplies IN my classroom.  To start, I number each Seat Sack.

I also numbered all of the glue sticks and scissors inside of my black and white containers.

I found these very cute numbers on TpT (for free!) and am in the process of getting them laminated.  I will attach one to each container and each desk.  I explained to the kids today that they will basically be a "team" with the students who sit at the same desk in my other classes.  I will conduct periodic "check-ins".  As long as the only things in their containers at the time of the check are the correctly numbered supplies and the only thing in their Seat Sack is their Warm Up Notebooks, then they will win a small prize.

I'm excited about this idea and hope it will work.  I can't be replacing scissors all year!

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