Monday, August 20, 2012

My Supply Center

I've been making some good progress in my classroom.  Today, I hung a lot more posters and organized my supply center.  The supply center is the place in my classroom where my students can go to borrow anything from a pencil to a ruler to crayons.  I try my best to keep it organized.  A few years ago, my sister (who teaches kindergarten) made me great little signs to help keep everything in its place.  I printed and laminated 2 of each sign.  One is taped to the desks and the other is attached to the container.  This way, my students know where everything belongs.  There are no excuses; there are labels and pictures for each item.  I love this system!

Here's what the Supply Center looks like empty...ignore the boxes of textbooks.  I moved them after I took the picture.

Here are some pictures of some of the supplies...I still need to fill some containers.

Here's the entire center...the white organizer in the back is where I keep construction paper.  Right now, I have textbooks in it because it was starting to collapse.  Hopefully the books will do the trick!

The daily notebooking supplies are kept in those cute hanging containers on each desk.  I do have extra glue sticks and scissors in the Supply Center though.  How do you all manage your supplies?

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